Better East Texas: Trump verbal attacks

Better East Texas: Trump verbal attacks

(KLTV) - Last time I spoke in this segment about the war many of our servicemen and women had been through and how it may have prepared them for some of the recent events here on U-S soil – specifically, the attack in Chattanooga.

Now we have militia type protection at many recruiting stations across our country.  It is troubling to see how far we have come in a very short time.  But events move tolerance and intolerance swiftly.

Then we have also had Donald Trump, candidate for the office of president – even he seems to have joined the attack on servicemen and women, especially those that were held as P-O-W's.  I have said it before, Mr Trump may have some decent ideas but his campaign words do little to cement confidence that he could be an effective president.

Imagine if Donald Trump was president and he spoke about veterans or P-O-W's, diminishing their service because they were captured.  Imagine a president saying that.  It is unconscionable.  And in his true-to-form style, Trump refuses to apologize for the comments.

If he is to be taken seriously as a candidate, he must adjust his message.  For this to be a true presidential race, the issues must be the topic of discussion, not a thoughtless rant by someone living on shock value more than substance.

We are moved by the words of candidates and the influence they wield.  It is a lesson for all of us as we all have circles of influence and that is a great responsibility that needs to be respected and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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