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Better East Texas: Attacks on veterans

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Many of our military service men and women have been through war. Perhaps it prepared them for recent events they have been faced with right here. 

First of all, we have the killing of 4 marines and a sailor at a Tennessee recruiting office. 

The assailant was a radicalized Muslim who apparently believed his actions would atone for his other sins. I don’t understand how that could be rationalized at all, but obviously, this person was not stable.  So, in reaction to this domestic attack, we have citizen armed guards at many recruiting offices across the nation. 

While this is a visible sign of solidarity I don’t believe that it is realistic to post armed guards at every potential or perceived target.  But it certainly sends a message now that our military will be prepared and protected here at home. 

An extreme and truly unneeded reaction came from a gun supply shop owner in Florida who posted a video on-line with the proclamation that his gun shop is now a Muslim-Free zone.  This reaction goes beyond establishing lawful protection of a business and essentially dares someone to test the owners’ resolve.  It just has no productive ending so it is an improper reaction.

All that said, Muslim leaders must mobilize to identify those who have hijacked their message and turned it into a violence inspiring platform.  It is the responsibility of those in the Muslim community to aggressively identify anyone who wishes harm anyone in the U-S or abroad. 

That alone will inspire confidence that we can truly control that, which to this point, is uncontrolled.

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