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Longview Woman Angry Over Gas Bill Hike

A Longview woman is angrily asking for answers from her gas company after her bills have doubled for the last three months. Like many seniors in this age, Jan Franklin came out of retirement to work part time to try and manage her rising bills. But what she's seen in her last 3 gas bills from "Centerpoint energy", is a rise she never expected.

"Well there had to be a mistake, that someone had read the meter wrong, and then I called a second time and then a third time" says Franklin.

She's lived at the same Longview home for 27 years and never seen her bill go up more that the normal inflation. But her bill has doubled each of the last 3 months,  and the reason given, something Centerpoint categorized as cost adjustment!

 "I got the answer that, that is the cost of getting the gas to my home, that's it! I've received no details at all , they just state cost adjustment, I have no idea what their costs are" she says.

She conserves everywhere she can even turning off a gas lawn light, and wants a general accounting for what she's doing that would justify the adjustment by centerpoint. 

 "The same pipes the same company the same home for 27 years. That's where I'm most unhappy I have no idea what cost adjustment means. I'd just like to know more, I'd like to find out why what is the cost to them, why can't we as customers for years and years get answers" she says.

Franklin is still waiting for a detailed breakdown of cost adjustment from centerpoint.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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