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2/16/05-Rusk County

Trashing East Texas- Peterson Road

It's a problem that has grown from trash being thrown out of cars to now, furniture being dumped alongside the road. This latest report of illegal dumping is in Rusk county on Peterson road also known as County Road 171.

Residents who live there say they don't know where to turn to stop the problem. For years Hattie Brannon-Hall has put up with trash accumulating along Peterson road.

"There's trash bags, bags of trash, paper, and plastic cups," says Hattie.

But over the last several months, the problem has gotten worse. Boxes, televisions, old tires and now furniture.

"Through the summer months, it's just like whenever anybody had anything they wanted to throw away they'd just come along those rural roads and just throw it out," says Hattie.

An old couch was left yesterday on Hattie's property.

"I's very frustrating. My husband has called and tried to get some help but nobody seems to help," says Hattie.

Velma Willey drives a Kilgore school bus along this route. She says every day she's seen the piles of trash grow.

"We have our own places that we have to take our garbage to. It's available for everybody and I guess these people are too lazy," says Velma. 

Velma and Hattie both say they are willing to help clean up the trash, but say Rusk county should help put a stop to the illegal dumping altogether.

"We can get out and we can do it ourselves but it's going to happen again," says Velma.

Both ladies say without help from the county, this problem will continue to grow everyday.

Rusk county does not have a litter abatement control officer. Instead, county commissioners handle complaints concerning trash. The Rusk County Commissioners and the county judge are out of town in Austin and could not be reached for comment about Peterson road.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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