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Gift of Love: Elijah's Adoption

Elijah is adopted by the Parkers Elijah is adopted by the Parkers
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You might remember Elijah. We met him back in February 2011 during an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese.

After nearly 3,300 days in foster care, Eli has found the gift of love with the Parker family.

He plays basketball and runs track at the local High School. Eli also enjoys swimming, video games and sports cards.  This 16-year-old is also interested in the robotics program for next year. 

Eli wants to be a firefighter, and as soon as he gets a driver's license, he will be able to join the local volunteer fire department as a junior firefighter. 

After high school, Eli really wants to go to fire academy, but also wants to go into the Air Force or Navy. He will begin dual credit studies next year working toward the college needed for either of these. 

Eli also changed his name last Friday to Peter Elijah Parker. He still goes by Eli. At home games, when they call out the basketball players, they all have a nickname. Eli's will, of course, be Spiderman. 

A happy new beginning for Elijah as he finds the Gift of Love.

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