Wide, slow load

It's common knowledge that law enforcement authorities go after parents who don't pay child support but what happens when the parents have the money withheld from their paycheck and the employer doesn't report it?  It's an issue that has affected an East Texas father whose children didn't get the money meant for them.  Julia Jenae has been looking into who is watching over the billions of dollars that are supposed to go to Texas children.

What moves at 5 miles per hour and could, dramatically, affect your drive over the next few days?  It's a super load that will take over some East Texas roads.   Watch tonight at 10 for a full explanation.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto knows you're probably looking for some rain to show up, soon.  Watch tonight at 10.  He's putting together a new forecast for you that will let you know how soon you can expect rain from the weather where you live.