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Better East Texas: Nuclear deals with Iran

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The United States and several other countries having been working for years to broker a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Iran is going through a sort of generational revolution with many of its citizens ready to re-enter the world community while older hard-liners are still decidedly anti-western, anti-democracy. A preliminary deal was announced this week and it now goes before Congress to approve or kill. There will be strong debate, no doubt, but Congress will likely approve the agreement.

In its current state, it really does not pull the plug on Iran’s development of a nuclear program, or even some elements that can be used for weapon development – it merely puts a pause on it. So a decade from now, Iran will be able to restart much of what it has been doing for a number years, disregarding several treaties which it has thumbed its nose at.

If past behavior is a predictor of future behavior, then Iran will continue to develop weapons grade material and the world will wake up one day with a new nuclear power. So the U.S. really has gained very little with this new deal and to make matters worse, it appears that the release of three American citizens that are held hostage in Iran was not discussed as part of the agreement.

We had Iran at the table and did not secure their release. It is just another chapter of missed opportunities when it comes to Americans being held hostage. Iran is not friendly and in many ways, the agreement will only delay the inevitable.

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