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Official: 'Super load' transport waiting on permit


Despite initial reports that transportation of a 'super load,' were halted, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles now reports that transportation is expected to continue as normal.

Wendy Cook, a spokeswoman for the department, said Wednesday afternoon that a new permit has not been issued that would allow crews to move the load but that she anticipated one would be issued soon.

The load, measuring 275 feet long by 25 feet high and 18 feet wide, is expected to cross the Louisiana/Texas border on Sunday. It will carry an equipment upgrade for an Eastman Chemical project in Longview, and is set to journey from Shreveport to its final destination in Longview, starting Friday. The super load is set to travel at a maximum of 5 mph and was expected to impact traffic.

Previously, the DMV reported that the project was on hold, but Cook said Wednesday afternoon that "there may not be any change in the original plan."

The process for obtaining a permit typically involves a Texas Department of Transportation study that takes from six to eight weeks. The study ensures the roadway is rated for the correct load capacity. Cook said that initially, the original route included a road that has now been closed to public access.

However, since the road changed from a state to private road a month ago and it was caught before the finalized route, Cook expects the permit to be issued within a much shorter time frame. 

"Right now I would say that it's better to prepare for the traffic," she said.

KLTV has requested information on the roads included in the route.

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