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Bullard Lifting A New Sport To New Heights

The Bullard Panthers powerlifting team concludes every school day by hitting the weight room. Many of the athletes using the sport of powerlifting to build themselves for football season.

"I feel myself getting bigger, stronger, faster too, " said senior Chris Thorn, "getting ready for football next year in college."

"I thought I had a little bit of natural strength," said sophomore Timothy Lackey. "I figured, I didn't think I'd place really. I just wanted to get stronger. It'll help me out for football."

But football is not the only reason for powerlifting. The competitive nature of the sport takes the simple activity of working out and allows athletes to set goals, and see when they reach them.

"You got something to push for you'll just lift and lift and lift," said coach Wes Schminkey, "but you know that you're going to this next powerlifting meet and you got to increase your total by so many pounds, you know, I got to bench this much more, I've got to squat this much more, I've got to deadlift that much more. It gives you something to shoot for."

Bullard's program is building strong. They won powerlifting meets in Brownsboro and Van for the first time ever. The team says it's that improvement that keeps them going.

"The joy of getting that 550 on the deadlift, that 500 on squat," said Thorn, "it just sends an adrenaline rush through your body. It's not like nothing else.

So, what started as just a football workout has taken on a very successful life of it's own in Bullard.

Reid Kerr reporting.

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