Family Of Seven Escapes House Fire

The fire started at 2914 N. Grand Avenue in Tyler late Monday afternoon. This blaze started in the garage and gutted the inside of the home. It's estimated the fire caused $6,000 worth of damage. The unidentified woman and her six children escaped the fire unharmed, but one neighbor we talked to says Tyler emergency officials did not respond immediately. "They did not respond!," says next-door neighbor Tina Starling. "[911] said 'we have only three switchboard workers.' Well o.k., maybe you need to add more! This was ridiculous, this was ridiculous here... and God forbid that they had been in there and not made it out."

According to the Tyler Fire Department, 911 received several calls on this fire and dispatched the fire department right away. According to their records, it took three minutes from the time firefighters were dispatched to get to the scene.

Christine Nelson reporting.