Gift of Love: Sam

Gift of Love: Sam

(KLTV) - It was a fun afternoon of flying high in the air with Sam at iJump. Sam is a 15-year-old young man, who is going into the 9th grade this year. Sam enjoys sports, such as basketball and football.

"Basketball I like to play point guard, football I like to play quarterback and wide receiver." >

Sam loves to watch sports on TV and would love a dad to hang out with and watch the Oklahoma Thunder.  He would love a chance to go to sporting events whether they are high school, college or Pro games.

"Sports is really me. If I didn't have sports I don't know what I would be doing," Sam said.

One of Sam's biggest wishes is to meet an all star athlete.

"Probably to be able to meet Michael Jordan and ask him how he got to where he was," Sam said.

Sam likes dirt bikes and would like to explore that interest.  He also enjoys playing the drums but that's not all.

"Play video games and hang out with friends," Sam said.

As for his future, Sam thinks he would enjoy a career as a police officer.

"Because I'm getting to help people that might not be able to help themselves," Sam said.

When it comes to Sam's favorite foods, "Pizza and steak," Sam said top his list. And for dessert, "Ice cream or chocolate cake," Sam said.
When it comes to his forever family, Sam would like a mom and dad that can help him navigate the struggles of the teen years and not give up on him.  He would also like to live in the country.

"To have lots of land and animals and have a good surrounding environment with some kids my age so I can make friends," Sam said.

Sam says it's very important to him to get adopted before it's too late and he ages out of foster care.

"Because I don't want to spend the rest of my childhood in and out of RTCs," Sam said.

Sam would like a family who likes to spend time outside together. A family to call his own and cheer him on in the stands, a family that can show Sam the Gift of Love.

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