Sergeant Back Home In East Texas For Good

The Iraqi election, the liberation of Fallujah. One East Texas soldier was witness to it all.
KLTV 7 first introduced you to Sergeant Albert Andrews when he was home for R&R last November.

Now, back from the dangers in Fallujah, Sergeant Andrews is home for good and all the fighting and the chaos are miles and memories away.

"Oh it feels good to be back," Sergeant Andrews said.

There was something new on Sergeant Andrews' face that wasn't there the last time we spoke, a smile.

"I'm focusing more on trying to get on with my life," he said.

Sergeant Andrews returned to Fallujah just days after the US raided the city to rid it of insurgents. He says the raids were a success.

"We didn't get hit as much as we did before. So everything, when we were making convoys like I said (we were hit) maybe once or twice every two weeks compared to everyday."

Twenty-eight years of military life, 12 months in Fallujah. Now with his tour over there's only time for his 5-year-old son, Byron.

"He's spoiled rotten," the sergeant said. "He's a daddy's baby and it was pretty tough on him when I was away."

The 45-year old father of four is not just a leader and parent at home, as sergeant he was a father and counselor to his men.

"No matter what happened I'm the one that's got to keep their spirits up, keep them motivated, get them back home."

117 men in his unit, none lost.

"There (were) a lot of close calls. A lot of times you didn't know if you were going to make it or not but I'm here, so it's good."

Over the next few weeks Sergeant Andrews wants to practice tossing a football to his son and toss aside the memories of war.

"I'm very thankful like I said. I've seen a lot of injuries, casualties and everything but thank God all the soldiers that were under me, we brought them all back safe."

Sergeant Andrews plans to retire from army life. He will have a military physical and then in 90 days will be released from service.

Maya Golden reporting,