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Better East Texas: Clinton on the campaign trail

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The presidential campaign trail continues to heat up and the whole premise of campaigning for months before the election is to get your message out to the voters.

That is why you see just about every presidential candidate falling all over themselves to be available for meetings and media interviews. I said just about every candidate. Hillary Clinton is the exception in giving the media genuine access to her. This really doesn’t have anything to do with being a republican or a democrat, it does have everything to do with being available to vast majority of the population that will never hear a candidate, in this case, Mrs. Clinton, in person.

We rely on the media, good or bad, to deliver information about candidate’s plans if elected.  It is that simple.  And honestly, we, as voters, need to know what the candidate’s positions are on current events and pressing topics.  We should not have to evaluate candidates based on curb appeal – we need to kick the tires. But Hillary Clinton seems to feel the need to control the media to the point of having a moving corral for reporters to follow – not too closely – candidate Clinton and an Independence Day parade in New Hampshire.

There may be some little known strategy to this approach of no or very limited access but it needs to change for the betterment of the election process.  I believe it will have to in Mrs. Clinton’s case as her chief opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, seems to making gains in the polls – largely because he is available and media friendly.

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