Passage Likely For Administration's War Spending Request

Democrats are balking, but it looks like President Bush's request for more spending on Iraq and Afghanistan is a shoo-in.

The president says the 77 (b) billion dollars he's seeking will help Iraq and Afghanistan pursue "the path of democracy and freedom." He says it will also help track down terrorists and protect U-S troops.

The spending dominates an 82 (b) billion dollar proposal that also includes a (b) billion dollars in tsunami aid.

Democratic Senator Robert Byrd says the proposal offers "little basis for optimism" that Iraq will be secure or stable.

Democrats also complain that the request underscores an administration approach to spending that will only build huge deficits. The two-point-five (t) trillion dollar budget delivered to Congress last week projects a record 427 (b) billion dollar deficit this year.

That includes Bush's latest request, although it omits any new war funds for next year.

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