Couples Say "I Do" On Valentine's Day

This has been the day for declaring those three little words, "I Love You," to that special person. But, as for many in East Texas, it was also a perfect day to show that love with two other little words.  Those are, "I Do."

On this Valentine's Day, several Longview couples came to the local Justice of the Peace's office to get hitched. They chose this location and this date for many different reasons. Larry and Eve met a year ago. They were engaged on a holiday, although the exact day is already up for debate. "It was Christmas Day," says Larry. Eve interrupts with a correction, "Christmas Eve day." "Excuse me," says Larry. "I wrapped up her engagement ring in about seven or eight different boxes."

Robert and Michelle and David and Diana thought Valentine's Day would be the perfect romantic holiday for a marriage. For Kenneth and Amanda, it was all about the timing. "We were going to wait until after I have the baby, but he decided he didn't want to," says Amanda.

Eight-and-a-half months pregnant, Kenneth and Amanda opt for an outdoor wedding on the courthouse lawn. The others said their vows inside.

Each one said "I Do" and repeated their vows to be together 'til death do they part. With that, the judge pronounced them husbands and wives.

In all, the Judge Jameson married five couples on this Valentine's Day.

Amy Tatum, reporting.