Proud Of East Texas: Jean Breckenridge

Jean Breckenridge and her husband Robert bought the 80 acre property that was to become Breckenridge Village in 1972, with the idea of providing a home for their son Jimmy and other mentally challenged children.
  How to care for what Jean calls these "unfinished children" is a major concern for over 46,000 families in the State of Texas alone, and a special concern for aging parents.
  Even after the deaths of her husband and older son, Jean carried on with her dream.
  At first it seemed impossible until the Baptist Child And Family Services of the Baptist General Convention stepped in.
  In fall of 1997, 300 volunteers from the Texas Baptist Men made Breckenridge Village a reality.
  The Village is now home to 40 adults with mild to moderate mental disabilities.
  Jean's son Jimmy and others live busy, happy lives in Breckenridge Village, and what could have been a tragedy for Jean Breckenridge has become a blessing for her and for others. Breckenridge Village is located seven miles west of downtown Tyler.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.