Commissioners Working Toward Understanding Litter Abatement Program

Smith County's litter problem was the subject of a special presentation to the Commissioner's Court today. Environmental Investigator, Danny Brasher, was invited to explain the ins and outs of the program.

Brasher talked about the sites he was investigating and what the litter abatement program entails. Commissioners say they feel they can work more closely to eliminate trash, now that some questions have been cleared up.

"We want to get a clear understanding of what Danny is doing and what the scope of his authority is, and it's rather broad," says Smith County Judge, Becky Dempsy.

"I wouldn't say they (the Commissioner's Court) ignored the people. I think it was more a lack of knowledge of how to deal with it exactly. I can't fault them for lacking the knowledge or education on it," says Smith County Environmental Investigator, Danny Brasher.

Both the Commissioners and Mr. Brasher are asking people to help stop the litter and dumping by calling either 1-877-A-Dumper, or Danny at the Litter Abatement Office at 903-561-9247.