Tyler Hospitals Going Smoke-Free

When Sandy Savage learned a few months ago Mother Frances was going tobacco free, she wasn't happy.

"One more thing I am giving up because someone made a decision for me," she says.

David Jones, a nurse at ETMC felt the same way when he learned ETMC is also going smoke free.

"My first thought was, how dare they," he said.

Both Sandy and David have smoked for decades and have never wanted to quit. But starting July first the hospitals won't allow smoking or chewing anywhere on campus, not even in the parking lots.

Both hospitals are following the lead of UT Health Center. UT went tobacco free last summer.

"I thought it was awful, because I love to smoke," LaDetra March said. Back then LaDetra March, a UT employee, also thought going tobacco free was a bad idea, but today she feels much differently.

"I am very excited about being a non-smoker," says LaDetra who took cessation classes offered by the hospital and quit smoking.

She hopes employees at ETMC and Mother Frances will also take advantage of the free cessation classes and products offered by the hospitals.

"I think it is a wonderful idea since that's what I need to quit," says David.

"I've got two choices, either not smoke at work or quit all together," says Sandy who plans to quit.

Since they both have a few months before the ban starts, both Sandy and David think they can quit in time.