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Better East Texas: Trump should try new approach

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NBC came to the swift decision to dump Donald Trump.

The network, which owns Univision, has decided enough is enough and Trump must go – at least from their network. Trump is a Republican candidate for president in 2016 but has been both criticized and ignored for the words and accusations he spewed when announcing his candidacy for president.

Now, no doubt, Mr. Trump is a shrewd businessman and he may even have some reasonable ideas for growing our economy and strengthening the U-S domestically. But the way he assaulted and insulted immigrants and really just rambled on why he should be president, shows that America is not ready for Donald Trump the candidate.

Trump must come up with a constructive approach in defining what is meaningful about his campaign, ultimately, what makes him unique among the more than a dozen candidates. It is fine for Trump to be firm and convicted but America still has to participate in the world village and Trump’s words isolate more than unite.

Perhaps he can repackage his stump speech and recover some popularity because his experience in the business world is impressive but, I fear his ego will doom him to mediocrity in the polls and he will fade away like a rejected apprentice. Any candidate for president must learn that you can act and talk tough but you must also be able to build bridges – something Trump has not mastered yet.

The crowded field of Republicans will start shrinking if Trump refuses to communicate some diplomacy.

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