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Better East Texas: We must recapture the spirit of America

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Around every 4th of July – Independence Day – it is appropriate to reflect on just how independent we are.

Just a side note, that it has been 39 years since the bicentennial so those bicentennial quarters are hopefully still increasing in value. But Independence Day is at the heart of what America is. We were a group of pioneers, but also rejects from England that set up shop in the New World. And those early European Americans did Native Americans wrong in the progression across the continent. But ultimately their fight was to become independent from England.

Now, two-hundred and thirty-nine years later, we seem to be regressing on that independence. Our federal government, regardless of democrat and republican leadership, has kind of become a federal parent, telling us what is right and what is wrong. It seems that, at times, our laws have become more a set of forced beliefs of a few as opposed to the will of the people. 

Those early Americans were from different backgrounds but were united for a common cause, now-a-days, there is no common cause, only special interests. And so we grow less independent. Our country needs a unified direction, that is where greatness is born so it is a hope that future independence days will, more than not, live up to their name, and July fourth won’t just be looking back on history but looking ahead with celebration and anticipation.

Things can improve and recapturing the spirit of what made America great will make this a Better East Texas.

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