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Power of Prayer: Parents Of Quintuplets Rely On Prayer For Strength

From the time Craig and Darcy Bryant were married, they hoped one day to have children. Last September that dream came true.

Son Austin was born. So was daughter MacKenzie, Kaitlyn, Peyton and finally Caleb.


"Your faith is tested I think," says Darcy Bryant, "how are you going to handle it."

Relying on faith became the one constant in this young couple's life from the first sonogram, through a difficult pregnancy. In the final two months of her pregnancy, Darcy went to a Phoenix hospital that specializes in multiple births. Many days she was there alone, Craig remaining in East Texas to work. There were serious questions about the health of some of the babies. Kaitlyn was very small was not expected to live. Austin had trouble as well. Some doctors even suggested to the Bryants that they should selectively choose which children should continue through the pregnancy.

"You start over at square one," says Darcy. "God has gotten us this far. Just as I thought my faith was growing I would fall and have to start all over and go okay God You are still in control. And no matter what You will be."

"We came to a point where God had given them to us and that He was going to provide for us so we kind of embraced that," says Craig Bryant. "But at the same time there are days when you say, man, how is this going to work? We know that You gave them to us God but how is it going to work.?"

At 32 weeks, the babies were born. Austin did not breath for the first 14 minutes of his life. Kaitlyn was only 1-point 6 pounds.

But all survived.

Today, back home in East Texas, a new journey has started. Caring for five,well, is no easy task. Our visit on a Tuesday afternoon was pretty quiet. Craig, who serves as youth minister at Victory Baptist in Marshall and works for the Hallsville School District had just got home from work. Feeding time was just around the corner.

There has been a transformation in the Bryant's Hallsville home. What was once the master bedroom is now a nursery. Five beds line the walls. The living room is neatly arraigned with three swings, five car seats, six bouncy chairs, and a stroller made for five. The Quints will go through one can of formula every day. Luckily some of the families needs have been met by friends or businesses.

The Bryants know that the days ahead will be as difficult as the year behind them. But they both believe God has given them an extraordinarily large gift. And that they can face whatever challenges lie ahead through the power of prayer.

"So many doctors and nurses, people we have met have said your faith has been really great you know," says Craig. "We see how God has brought Kaitlyn through, we see how it brought Austin through, and so if they had to go through just a little bit of that to show Jesus to others then we have to live with that and be happy with that."

"Its just wonderful," says Darcy. "Not to say that we don't have days that are completely crazy, because we do. But its just a blessing to see all five of them smile. And all five of them are starting to roll over and cue and laugh out loud. I mean they are just miracles. All five of them."

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