Better East Texas: Church shootings and Confederate flags

Better East Texas: Church shootings and Confederate flags

(KLTV) - The shooting of nine people in a South Carolina church has started a load of discussions across our country.

One of the most notable discussions has to deal with the public display of the Confederate flag on the capitol grounds in South Carolina. No matter where you fall on this debate, it is sad that it took a horrendous act to stir the wider debate. But actually, the debate has been going on for years as citizen groups and lawmakers alike have clashed over the role of the flag as either a symbol of hatred or history and heritage.

But what is really troubling is that it took a horrendous event to suddenly define right and wrong for some. Now, it is all of a sudden very popular for some businesses to profess they are no longer selling Confederate flag merchandise. So why did it take the shooting of nine people to define that it indeed was the right thing to do?

Can a debate like this really be boiled down to single event? No. Likewise, politicians in South Carolina and beyond are now calling for the removal of the flag from the state capitol grounds. Again, are we letting this one event define right and wrong and are many of these politicians going along with the emotional ground swell just to quiet potential supporters?

It has that feel. How you feel about something should not determine right and wrong – our feelings can change. Right and wrong should be obvious from the start – and using that to steer decisions will make for a better East Texas.

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