Gift of Love: J.J. and Brianna

Gift of Love: J.J. and Brianna

(KLTV) - It was a fun afternoon of discovery at the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum for siblings Jonathan and Brianna. They are spectacular, both in the strength found in one another and in their very own unique gifts and abilities.

Jonathan, who likes to go by J.J. is 9 years old. This 4th grader says his favorite subjects in school are math and recess.

"I can just dig up in the rocks," J.J. said.

When not at school, J.J. likes a variety of activities such as reading, watching movies, listening to music, sports, and spending time with his sister.

One of his favorite activities is to, "go swimming," J.J. said.

As for his favorite food, J.J. says he likes vegetables.

"Corn and that's it," J.J. said.

And believe it or not, this 9 year old says he doesn't have a sweet tooth! He can be very quiet at first, as he gets to know you he opens up and is very delightful.  J.J.  is very open about his desire to be adopted.

"So I can find a home and stay there instead of going to each house," J.J. said.

He has such a big heart to share.

"Because if we don't find a family we are going to have to stay in foster care and we will have to go to a group home," J.J. said.

Younger sister Brianna is a bright light and loves to hug and smile a lot.  This 8 year old is generally a happy girl who likes to play and do thing like other girls her age.

"My favorite toy is my Barbie dolls," Brianna said.

Brianna also likes to be active outside.

"I like to play tag," Brianna said.

Brianna says she's always wanted to have her own tree house where she can go and play. As for school, Brianna does well academically just like her brother.

"Math. What else? Science," Brianna said.

And she is already thinking about what she wants to do after she graduates.

"In the save my country," Brianna said.

One of Brianna's biggest wishes is to take a vacation and go on a real airplane. She loves her brother very much and wants to be adopted with him so they can both be together in their new family.

"A family that I can stay with and that is nice," Brianna said.

Both of them miss their his family dearly, but truly hopes to settle down with a family that will keep them and love him forever no matter what.

A family that will show Jonathan and Brianna the Gift of Love.