East Texas Couple Offers Home For "Holiday Welcome"

An East Texas couple is hoping to give one local soldier, a warm welcome home.  Tom and Sharon Morgan of Lindale, have come up with a unique way to help soldiers fighting overseas make up for lost time.  The welcome comes complete with holiday cheer.

It may be February, but at the Morgan household near Lindale, it still looks and feels like Christmas.

"We just like to celebrate at Christmas, we love it," said Sharon Morgan.

The Morgan's hadn't even planned to decorate for Christmas this year.  Those plans changed when the couples' son decided to bring his family by for the holidays.  So with a decorated house, the Morgan's figured why let it go to waste.

"I had a friend who has a son in Iraq and I said 'When is he coming home?' and she said 'Sometime in February' and I said 'I tell you what, we'll leave the decorations up and he can have Christmas here if you want to do that'.

Plans changed again, but instead up packing up, the Morgan's had a different idea.

"We thought well, before we put them up maybe somebody might like to utilize the decorations."

So here they sit, the four Christmas trees, numerous nativity scenes, even Santa waiting for a lucky soldier to enjoy.

"These guys and gals didn't get a chance to exchange gifts with their family or family give them gifts so now is the time, if they can do it, we have the place," said Tom Morgan.  "Christmas is a special time of the year, they didn't get to have it so now maybe they can."

The Morgan's say it's their special way of giving back.

If you know of a soldiers family who might be interested in the Morgan's offer please call KLTV at 903-510-7777 or send us an email.

Chris Gibson, reporting