Doctors Say "Liv Aid" Improves Self Breast Exams

Doctors have long said the self breast exam is an important step in early cancer detection.
Now, a new product aims to improve the self exam by making it easier for women to detect even the smallest of lumps.

It's called the "Liv Aid" and local doctors say it enhances your ability to detect a lump when examining the breast.

Carolyn Waters checked her breast every month for 30 years.

"There's breast cancer in my family, several cousins," Carolyn said. "I wanted to be sure that I caught mine in a hurry. It was during one of her self exams two years ago, Carolyn thought she felt a lump."

"It's hard," Carolyn began, "it's hard to tell and I thought perhaps I had found a very small lump, and it did turn out to be very small."

But local doctors say a new product can help detect those small lumps a little easier. It's called the Liv Aid.

Doctor Svetislava Vukelja, oncologist with the Tyler Cancer Center says any product that encourages self exams is always a positive.

"If that's going to facilitate to pick up early legions, I'm all for it." Doctor Vukelja said.

So how does the Liv Aid work? It's made of two plastic sheets filled with gel like substance. You lay the Liv Aid flat across the breast and use circle motions across the breast just as you normally do with a self breast exam.

Doctor Vukelja says the smooth motion and the gel magnifies the touch and allows you to feel lumps easier.

"It's definitely easier," she said. "Very small legion you could feel much easier I think."

Doctor Vukelja says some women tend to pat and skip spots on their breast. This product helps you keep your hand in place and move across the entire breast.

"Just by the jelly your hand is kind of forced to move over to the next spot without skipping."
The Liv Aid is reusable and it's makers say it can last for years.

Carolyn Waters, who's had a successful lumpectomy is keeping her eye on the Liv Aid. Soon she'll see her doctor less and will soon go back to the self breast exams.

"Anything that helps you," Carolyn said. "Anything that reminds you to do that is a good thing so I think it's wonderful."

The Liv Kit is available locally at Albertson's and Target. It costs $19.99.

For more information about the Liv Kit just go to the Know More on 7 icon on the homepage. There you will find a link for the "Liv Aid."

Maya Golden reporting,