Elementary Students Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was on Wednesday, but many people will celebrate this weekend with dragon dances, firecrackers, and other festivities.

A Tyler elementary school held their celebration on Friday. The library at Andy Woods was set up like a museum. Students got to learn about Chinese culture through artifacts, pictures, and books.

A 5th grader from China taught her fellow classmates some chinese words from her old textbooks. And she told us what chinese children do to get "lucky money" every New Year.

"I say 'Happy New Year' to my grandmother or grandfather," Jia Han, 11, said. "Then I give to my grandfather a surprise. Then my grandfather can give us the money, lucky money."

On the lunar calendar, this is the year of the rooster. According to superstition, people born this year are hard workers and not afraid to speak their minds.

Julie Tam, reporting.