ETMC Athens Mammography Meets Annual MQSA Inspection Requirements

ATHENS, Texas – The Breast Care Center at ETMC Athens has undergone annual inspection and received a certification of compliance, in accordance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 (MQSA)

MQSA helps ensure that mammography is safe and reliable and that consumers receive uniformly high-quality services from facilities throughout the United States. More than 9,000 FDA-certified facilities nationwide work to uphold the goal of the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 as amended in 1998 : to ensure the safety and reliability of mammography and help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages.

To legally perform mammography, a facility must be FDA certified and must post their certificate where patients can see it.

They must also send a report in lay language that summarizes the exam results to all patients within 30 days of the mammogram (patients who do not have a healthcare provider must also receive the mammographic report within 30 days). When the mammography report assessment is "Suspicious" or "Highly suggestive of malignancy," the lay summary results and recommended course of action must be communicated as soon as possible.

The MQSA regulations also require that all facilities have a system in place to address consumer complaints.

Mammograms may be scheduled by telephone referral to The Breast Care Center at ETMC Athens, 903-676-2169.

ETMC Athens is part of a regional system of hospitals which seek to maximize the quality and level of care offered by each community's hospital.

Other ETMC hospitals serve the cities and surrounding areas of Carthage, Clarksville, Crockett, Fairfield, Gilmer, Jacksonville, Mt. Vernon, Pittsburg, Quitman, Rusk, Trinity and Tyler.

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