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Valentine Mood Foods

Want your sweetheart to fall in love with you all over again this Valentine's Day. Then forget the fine restaurants according to world renowned chef Phil Lempert.

"Here's the bottom line. The best place to get food is the supermarket. There you can create the ultimate sensual dinner," he says.

Phil says the first thing on your shopping list should not be food, but things to set the mood.

"The first thing is total environment not just food. Fill the room with aroma."

Start with scented candles. Phil prefers chocolate candles, but recommends two other great scents.

"Vanilla is the oldest aphrodisiac, just a couple of twigs like this in a jar will fill the room with aroma. Coffee is also very relaxing.:

Next is food. Phil says steer toward artichokes.

"Artichokes are aphrodisiacs because the way you peel them. Also try rack of lamb."

For dessert think chocolate, but only the dark kind if you are in the mood for love.

"Here's the rule, white chocolate for those you want to ditch and dark for the ones you want to keep."

Following these simple rules will make sure your Valentine's Day is a romantic success.

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