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Injured Teen Believes Hit-and-Run Was Intentional

A Tyler teenager is recovering from a very close call, he was hit by a car while skateboarding.

He'll be OK, but the driver who hit him fled the scene, without even asking if the boy was all right.

It happened Tuesday night at Golden Road at Sarasota Drive in Tyler.

Holly Sanders is Brooks Bell's mother: "It irritates me. It angers me that someone could do that to anyone, let alone a child, and not try to stop and render aid."

Tuesday night, it was hard to see outside after dark. Brooks, 17, an experienced skateboarder, was headed to a friend's house.

"It was getting dark, about 6:50," he recalls.

He was turning onto Sarasota from Golden. Brooks doesn't remember exactly what happened moments later, but a neighbor who doesn't want to be identified fills in the blanks.

"His cap was out in the street. His skateboard was out [near the road]. When I asked him what happened, he said he had been hit by a car and he rolled across the hood," she says.

From how far off the road Brooks says he was, he thinks it was intentional. He was hit by a white car so hard his shoes were knocked off his feet.

"It seemed like they swerved to hit me, and then they kept on going," he says.

Intent or not, it's a hit and run.

Mother Holly Sanders: "It's really scary to think that your child went through something like that."

There were at least two witnesses Brooks says. They were in a white pickup, but they left. They could offer a clue.

"I just really wish they would come forward and maybe help and give a description," Sanders says.

"I wish they'd come out and tell me more."

As for Brooks, he'll be able to head back to school next week. Despite the close call, he'll be back to normal soon.

Brooks was hit by a white car, which should have damage on the right-front quarter. While we were shooting our story at that intersection Thursday afternoon, Brooks and his mother spotted a car that matches the description.

It was heading down the very street where the accident happened. When the male driver saw our camera crew, he pulled into a driveway and turned around. A license plate was visible and the tape has been turned over to Tyler Police for follow-up. There's no word yet on if the driver of that car has been contacted. We'll keep you updated.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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