Too Young For Botox?

Jennifer Rus is in her mid-twenties and says she's addicted to Botox.

"I think I look good now, but I am back for another session," she says.

This will be her third injection in less than a year.

"To look young is important to me just because when people look at you the first thing they look at is your face and I want to look as young as I can," Jennifer explains.

She says she sees wrinkles all over her face, particularly her forehead and eyes. If you ask her if she'll ever stop she says, "probably but not until my husband tells me to stop."

According to the most recent studies, Botox is approved for use in anyone between 18 and 75. But how young is too young? Do teens or people who are just barely 20 really need Botox?

"Would I use this in a ten year old, no. Would I use it in a 15 year old, highly unlikely. Because you just don't see severe facial expressions in people who are in that age group," says Dr. Adler also he won't inject anyone who wants it to prevent wrinkles before they start.

"I think trying to do this in a person who has no lines whatsoever and they have flush smooth skin, I think that would be wrong," he adds.

But that doesn't mean people with only a small line or two like Jennifer will be turned away. In fact, they can come as often as they like once they get a little movement in their face, because doctors say there really is no risk to Botox.

"I absolutely love it."

Jennifer had smooth skin before coming in, but she feels she looks much better now.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.