East Texans Help Romanian Girl With Heart Defects

Leslie Brotherton is a nurse and missionary. For 12 years she's traveled to Romania to spread the word of God. During her last trip this January, God used her to answer the prayers of this family. The Talpa family pastor a church in Romania, and their daughter needed a miracle.

"Yes, I prayed to the Lord that he would heal me," says 9 year old Genoveva Talpa.

Genoveva suffered from two congestive heart problems. Doctors in Romanina couldn't fix her heart, but Leslie knew if she could get the family to Texas, doctors here could. Amazingly, they got the whole family Visas to America in a few short weeks.

When they got here Dr. Sheriff Iskander, agreed to help Genoveva.

"The valve that connects the heart to the aorta has severe narrowing causing limitation of blood flow to body," Dr. Iskander explained.

Genoveva needed an angioplasty. A pediatric cardiologist in Dallas heard about Genoveva's case and agreed to perform it for free. Now just a few days after the procedure, Genoveva is completely healed.

"Yes, I think it was a very important lesson for me, that God has his time," says her father Christian. "He doesn't get in a hurry and He doesn't move to slowly."

Genoveva believes God answered her prayers through Leslie and Dr. Iskander.

"I thank them very much and I love them," she says.

All of them believe Genoveva is proof miracles still happen today.

"God is so good," says Christian.