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Better East Texas: The problem with Rand Paul's campaign contribution request

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We have been witness to a new and troubling technique in the campaign for the republican presidential nomination.

As you know, there is a large group of hopefuls vying for the nomination by the Republican Party to become president. That means that campaign fund raising is tougher than ever and it will cause candidates to go to drastic lengths to raise money. One candidate is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who recently, almost single-handedly blocked the renewal of the Patriot Act, has linked fund raising to that specific action.

Now there are points to the Patriot Act that needed revision – no doubt. But the Patriot Act also had some very strong application in the true war on terrorism and a lapse in those provisions is not good. But now, Paul is asking for contributions to his campaign purely on the grounds of the defeat of the Patriot Act and that is not good.

It is customary for candidates to pledge to fight certain types of legislation if elected, they form their platforms around certain principles – fighting Obamacare, abortion legislation, etcetera, but we can't have this type of instant cause and effect where a candidate, in the course of doing their job, immediately raises their hand in an appeal for campaign funding from the public.

In this case, while I am certain most contributions to Paul's campaign have come from good American voters, contributions could come from those that are not trustworthy and our candidates should resist connecting current job functions to campaign fund-raising. It further clouds an already murky process.

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