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Better East Texas: Why you should donate to Pets Fur People

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It is hard to drive anywhere in East Texas and not see a dog or cat loose in someone's yard or roaming the country side but the truth is that we have a serious problem with stray animals.

City and county governments have limited budgets to deal with this problem so the ongoing challenge of dealing with stray, unwanted or lost animals falls to private organizations. Most of them are nonprofit and one of them really needs some help. Pets Fur People has been around the East Texas area, and specifically Tyler, since 1968 – that's 47 years of caring for our pets.

And when you look at the number of animals that have been processed through Pets Fur People, the total is more than 400,000. Additionally, you may have heard of Pets Fur People as representatives appear on our newscasts weekly to display a pet for adoption. Well for years the organization has survived on private donations as well as funding from the local government. But that funding ended several years ago and now Pets Fur People needs help to keep the doors open and keep serving the Tyler area.

A time without Pets Fur People means that many animals will go uncared for and ultimately face perishing. But this challenge is completely avoidable and you can help with a one-time donation or better yet, a sustaining donation to Pets Fur People. We have a link on how to give on our website.

It is nothing glamorous. No one will throw a parade for you, but it is a service that needs to continue. Consider giving and help take care of our furry friends and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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