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Does It Work?: First Alert Alarm

By Joe Terrell - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - When it comes to home alarms, a monitored, professionally installed system is probably your safest bet. But a lot of folks don't want to go to that expense. And that why a little product from First Alert caught our eye. It's not really an alarm system, but it does offer a layer of protection at a very low cost. But, does it work?

The package says it "instantly alarms four windows or doors" for under $10. We couldn't wait to try it. Out of the package, it doesn't look like much. There are eight little plastic devices, four about the size of a 9-volt battery, four about the size of your little finger. The larger ones are the speakers that actually emit the alarm. The smaller pieces contain magnets that trigger the alarm. While the two parts are together...not touching...but close together, everything's quiet. Separate them by an inch or more and you get an ear piercing alarm, until they're back together again.

Installation is a breeze, but there are some things to watch. The only tool you might need is a step stool. You'll need to get on eye level with this thing to do it right.

Peel off the backing to expose the adhesive and stick the speaker on the door. Now here's the tricky part. There is a little horizontal groove on the magnet piece. It has to line up perfectly with a similar groove on the speaker. There are little arrows that need to match up as well. That's why we recommend you get on eye level with the device during installation. Do it right and you should get an alarm when you open the door.

There's a switch to turn the speaker to a "chime" setting. It's equally loud, but much less annoying. And it only sounds one time, even if you leave the door open. This setting would be especially useful if you have small children and you want to know each time the door is opened. There's also a setting to turn the whole thing off.

We tried the First Alert Alarms on a window too. Installation is similar, but the separation will be vertically as the window is raised. We got it right on the first try.

"Does It Work?" For an inexpensive, extra layer of security, it's a great product. We give it a "yes." And the best part is, they're only $9.99 for four alarms.

We got them at Bed Bath & Beyond in Tyler. They're also available on the Internet.

They use those little watch batteries, three a piece, in each speaker. The good news is, they are include and are replaceable.

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