Texas Filmmaker Issues 'Friday Night Challenge'

This is the story of the Celina Bobcats and the 2002 football season. They entered the year riding a 57-game winning streak and four straight 2A state championships, while attempting to overcome the departure of their legendary head coach G.A. Moore to arch rival Pilot Point, and the rise to 3A for the first time in school history. Filmmaker Ken Heckmann hopped on for the ride.

"I told coach [Butch] ford, I said, if you give me permission to make this film, I need coaches status," said Heckmann. "100% access, no closed doors."

And, that's exactly what he got.

"Pre-game, halftime and right after the game, no one is allowed in the locker room except the coaches and the players," said Heckmann, "and I was really curious about what really happens there."

So, for more than four months, Ken and his film crew became part of the team, filming practice, filming games and filming the community. The final result, is the documentary, 'Power, Passion & Glory. The real story of Texas football madness', narrated by Pat Summerall.

"You know, 'Friday Night Lights' is a good film," said Heckmann. "It's a good Hollywood film. It's scripted, staged, rehearsed. There's not one real football play in that film. It's all stunt men saying let's see how hard we can hit and how loud we can make the sound effect."

As a result, Ken issued the Friday Night Challenge.

"Let someone watch 'Friday Night Lights'. Let someone watch 'Power, Passion & Glory' and let them see which is the real Texas high school football film," said Heckmann. "Well, we think we've got the edge. When you make a documentary, you're taking a big chance, and I think we got lucky and it turned out pretty darned good."

You can purchase the film on Heckmann's web site, www.ppgthemovie.com . There, you can take the Friday Night Challenge. Those who prefer 'Power, Passion & Glory' will be registered to win an all-expense paid trip for two to the Texas high school football state championship game of their choice. Those who prefer 'Friday Night Lights' will both get to keep their copy of 'Power, Passion & Glory' and receive a refund on the film.

Kevin Berns reporting.