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"Eisley" Still Humble Despite Fame

They've been featured on MTV. Launch.com has named them the next big thing. Actress Gwenyth Paltrow wears their T-shirt. But if you think "Eisley" is ready to trade East Texas tree tops and small town values for the bright lights and big city of Hollywood, think again.

"It's always good to be home in Tyler," said Eisley guitarist and vocalist Sherri Dupree. "It's such a quiet town or whatever so it's like so comfortable coming back in, especially after being away in like big crazy cities like that."

Barely out of their teens and on the verge of global success. Eisley is made up of the 4 Dupree siblings: 23-year-old Chauntelle, 21-year-old Sherri, 18-year-old Weston, 16-year-old Stacy and their longtime neighbor 21-year-old Jon Wilson.

"We never planned this," Jon said. "When I joined the band they just needed someone to fill in for a couple of shows."

A couple of shows at the Dupree family's coffee shop blossomed to "Eisley" opening for Grammy-award-winning band "Cold Play" last year.

"We have the same manager as them," said Weston. "So our manager let the drummer, one of them, listen to the EP and they wanted to put us on the opening tour."

So, with all the flash bulbs and attention, how do they feel about fame? Each member describes it as "weird."

"We never were like those people that dream of being on stage or anything like that," said Chauntelle. "We always thought oh we're just kids, we're having fun just playing music then all of a sudden it's like we're a band.

"I've never really seen our video on MTV so I've never had that experience," said Weston.
Its their harmonies and lyrics that separate them from other young bands. From a song about a sea king to a haunting ballad called "I Wasn't Prepared."

The lyrics are written mostly by Stacy and Sherri. Stacy, wrote her first song when she was only 8.

"I would always knock on the door and be like can I come in you know," said Stacy, "and they'd be like no she's like way too young and she's just a little a kid. So I went and wrote my first song it was like a few chords and I showed it to Chauntelle and she really liked it."

She's been writing ever since. "A lot of it has to do with life, a lot of it's just artistic expression. Just inspiration from books or anything it could be."

"Eisley" began playing for mostly Christian audiences, but they feel their cross over hasn't changed their character.

"Our music I don't think has changed really it's just a different market, it's a broader market," said Stacy.

Critics say their first full length album "Room Noises" is a reflection of their depth at such a young age. The band says they don't have expectations for album sales. They say it's just a blessing to be able to make good.

Eisley's first full length CD "Room Noises" hit store shelves across the country Tuesday. The band is currently on tour but plans to be back in East Texas soon.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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