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Better East Texas: Stay prepared for inclement weather


We have been dealing with an incredible amount of rainfall recently and our lakes and rivers are full and even overflowing in some cases.

It is a great drought buster but it comes with a price. To put it in perspective, nearly all of the state of Texas is out of extreme drought conditions which means we have had a lot of rain.

One year ago 72 percent of the state was in a moderate to exceptional drought. Today, less than 15 percent fits that category. Additionally, the extreme weather has cost some Texans with their lives and it is a good time for us all to remember that we each need to be aware of the weather in our area.

Even as summer gets here, we may still have a wetter than normal year and it is critical to know what weather conditions exist for your outside activities. Threats can come from flash flooding, lightning strikes and of course, tornadoes. Every TV station has some kind of weather app to help you pin point conditions and find a forecast no matter your location. We believe our weather app is the best but, regardless, get some kind of resource, not matter what.

So, don't take the weather for granted, it can and will change and in Texas. We have every weather situation imaginable. Also, if you have the opportunity, thank and support a first responder to weather disasters. These folks have special skills and determination to help those in the aftermath of a storm. They are heroes and, many times, are our neighbors.

Texans rely on Texans in a weather emergency – it is what separates us from many others and makes for a Better East Texas.

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