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The Silver lining to all the rain

Lake Tyler is 100 percent full. Lake Tyler is 100 percent full.
SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - We're all familiar with the problems associated with recent rainfall in East Texas. But there is a silver lining to all that rain..

The most obvious benefit of all that precipitation is full lakes, like Lake Tyler. On the water's edge Gaspar Pedro isn't doing that well today, but two weeks ago:

“I catched that around 17 pounds,” Gaspar said.

That's a fish story, but he didn't take it in to the marina to be weighed, so that potential record got away.

Terry Bradbery says the fishing is a little better. Two days earlier he and his fishing buddy:

“Caught about thirty but we only had eight keepers out of thirty fish,” Terry recalled.

Tommy Clark and his family have come to Lake Tyler from Kilgore for the unofficial kickoff of summer.

“We are liking the water levels this year. You know, it's full so you don't have to worry about running up on stumps or anything like that,” Tommy said.

And by anything like that he means sand bars.

“No one wants to run a boat up on that and sling everybody out of the boat,” Tommy added.

That could bring your day at the lake to an abrupt end.

“How's your yard doing?” I asked Tommy.

“The yard is great. I wish I wouldn't have fertilized now,” he replied.

Now Tommy is also wishing he was paying someone like Steven Ledesma with CRC Landscaping.

“It's good for business, I mean the last couple years we didn't have a lot of rain so we were a lot slower, the guys weren't getting many hours. They're getting a lot more hours than what they want,” Steven said.

Maybe area cattle could help graze the grass down. Well, maybe not. They look pretty full from their own pasture.

As for Gaspar, well he caught and released a gar. And his large mouth? He's still grazing on that himself, but he doesn't think his catch had much to do with high water.

Others who have benefited from the rain are farmers and nurseries who have both saved money by not having to pay for watering.

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