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REL Takes Security Measures Amid Rumors Of Threats

"When I first got to school, it was like just people everywhere running around saying a rumor the school was going to blow up today, people are going to get shot," says ninth grader Damian Hawkins. He says he feared for his safety today while at school.

"It made me real nervous, I am sitting there shaking in class," he says.

He was so scared, he found his other cousins on campus and called his grandmother.

"I really didn't think anything like that was happening, but when all of my grand kids called, I decided I should go get them," says Brinder Bradberry.

When she got to Robert E. Lee, she felt her grand kids had reasons to be scared.

"There was police everywhere, dogs, they did have a kid in a car taking him out," she says.

TISD Communications Director Cody Cunningham says all safety measures taken today were pre cautionary.

"Any threat that was communicated among the students were simply rumors spread down the third, fourth or fifth line. We brought in a bomb dog to do a sweep of the campus, that's just kind of an added layer of security for them,"

TISD also put the school on a low-level lock down, locking doors and monitoring entrances and exits. All of the rumors were investigated, children were questioned, but no source, or specific threat was discovered.

"No guns were found on campus today," says Cunningham.

Reporter: No child had a gun pulled on them today?

"Absolutely not," said Cunningham.

Reporter: We're any kids arrested or taken by police for questioning?

"One kid was arrested in an unrelated charge for a drug charge," he explained.

But knowing that didn't give some students much comfort.

"Students going around saying they've got guns, hearing people have been taken off campus with guns, and all these parents picking up there kids and I was sitting in class going crazy," says Damian.

TISD and Tyler police department say they will continue to investigate the rumors. This kind of threat can result in a charge of "making terroristic threats" which, in Texas, is a third degree felony.

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