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Better East Texas: Can Kanye West be a positive influence?

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Kayne West has done it again. He has managed to find his way onto a huge stage and manipulate the music industry and broadcast producers alike.

Last Sunday, West performed on the Billboard Music Awards and was the finale of the show. This is just like any other program where you save the best for last – the big build up that followed a night of decent performers. But West duped the show producers again by performing a song that was so laced with profanity and expletive lyrics, that nearly his entire delivery of the vocals was removed by the sensors and the visuals were little more than him trying to dance around as a silhouette surrounded by pyrotechnics. It was a joke of a performance.

So, how does something come across so poorly to the television audience? You have to know that West and the show producers knew he was going to deliver a song rampant with profanity. Do the show producers not consider that the viewing audience would have really none of the live performance in tact? It is hard to understand that because sensors know what is coming next and there certainly should have been few surprises. 

The only redeeming moment was that you could hear boos from the audience at the end of the performance so perhaps even the entertainment industry is tiring of West. West has all the opportunity still to be a force for good with the young people he influences but performances like we saw last Sunday prevent any good from coming from his mouth.

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