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Elderly Woman Starved In Longview

 A shocking case of neglect in Longview.  Police arrest a man and woman for elderly abuse and cruelty to an animal.  Police arrested 40 year old Michael Kuhn and 64 year old Silvia Youngberg at a residence on Harrison road Saturday.  Both are charged with injury to an elderly person and cruelty to an animal.   An anonymous call led police to the home where they found an 86 year old woman suffering from extreme mal-nutrition.

They found a dog that was underweight and suffering from mal-nutrition as well.   The shocking part for officers is that Youngberg and Kuhn are the daughter and grandson of the victim in this case.

"Upon finding her they located her in the back bedroom on the floor with apparent deterioration, EMS was called, and doctors say she had severe hypothermia and was in a state of starvation," says sergeant Ron Vick of the Longview police department.

The case is still being investigated, and the dog was taken to the humane society. The elderly woman was hospitalized and her condition has not been released. Both Kuhn and Youngberg remain in the Gregg county jail.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com

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