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Reynolds Funeral Held In White Oak

Friends and family attended a funeral today of a 16 year old East Texas girl who was allegedly murdered by her fellow classmate in Illinois. At Emmanuel baptist church in White Oak, a somber memorial service was held for Adrianne Reynolds. As her family and friends had a chance to say their good-byes.

"She had a lot of friends, it was nice to know this many people cared about her," said Adriannes' mother Caroline Franco.

She had just moved away from East Texas back in October. For many, the gruesome details of her murder was beyond belief. For her grandfather, it will never be over, even after those who did it are punished.

"It won't be for me, I can't speak for anyone else it'll never be over for me even after that, but that will help," said grandfather Gary Gibson.

 In a show of remembrance, many wore Adriannes favorite color, pink.

 "My most treasured thoughts of her were when she came to my house and we would play the piano and sing together and that will always be a treasure to me and I feel like shes in heaven singing now," said great grandmother Melba Gibson-Foster.

During the ceremony her family told friends that Adrianne would not want them to mourn.    Instead she would want them to celebrate her life.

"Don't cry because Adrianne is gone, smile because she was here and touched all of our lives," said Franco.

Reynolds was laid to rest in a graveside service at Lakeview memorial gardens in Longview.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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