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Better East Texas: Let's overcome this disaster together

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It is rare that we have the opportunity to beat Mother Nature but that is certainly the case right now.

Our neighbors, friends, fellow East Texans in the Van area and other areas need our help to rebuild after the recent tornadoes. More than 60 families have some type of damage and even total destruction of their home. Take a moment and look around your home and imagine your property – your life scattered across a football field. Imagine what it would feel like to have your most precious possessions lost in a few seconds.

It is difficult for most of us to imagine that situation and while homes and possessions can be rebuilt, the folks in Van face the challenging task of doing just that and it will take months. For many affected by the storms, there was injury and two East Texans perished. You know the story and you have seen the video.

Now, we, as a community, as neighbors, have the opportunity to overcome this disaster and help rebuild the lives of those affected by the storms. Please consider giving to the Red Cross. This organization was on the ground a few short hours after the storm to provide for those affected and help those involved in the cleanup effort.

We have provided a link to donate through our website. If you can give any amount, do it. Donate to our local area and the dollars are put to work here. Let's overcome this disaster and show those in need that we are all making a Better East Texas.

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