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Freedom Fighters-Team Of Veterans

One of the biggest fights many veterans face is adjusting to civilian life and finding a job. Joe Hamrick, James Warren, and Chuck Fish know all about that. They're veterans who've faced the same problems that returning veterans are now facing.

However, this trio is now helping veterans find jobs and adjust to civilian life at the East Texas Workforce Center in Tyler. Even Fish, who for 20 years flew Cobra and Apache Helicopters in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and as a test pilot, and received two Purple Hearts and the Distinguished Flying Cross, felt there was a bias against the military when he got out of the service.

How to overcome that bias is one of the things he shares with new veterans. The East Texas Workforce Center also makes its Research Resource Center available to veterans free of charge. Because Fish, Warren and Hamrick have all experienced the same challenges as new returning veterans, they're very effective in helping them make important transitions. In other words, as the saying goes, they not only "talk the talk", they've "walked the walk."

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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