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Couple Delivers Baby On Kilgore Road Side

  A Longview couple has a road trip they'll never forget, as they have to deliver the newest member of their family, on the roadside. 8 o'clock Wednesday morning Ricky Ellis drives his wife Dawn, who's gone into labor, to a Tyler midwife birthing center. He thinks he has plenty of time.

  "I said my wife is having a baby any minute, I need you to tell the mid-wife we're on our way , make that we are stopping, we've had the baby" says Ricky.

  But halfway to Tyler... "She was very demanding and said pull over we're not going to make it, and it was a very loud pull over" he says.

   "I'm in pain and I really don't know if we're going to make it, that's what I was thinking at the time, you really need to pull over" said new mother Dawn Ellis.

   The baby was coming, and there was no one to deliver it; except Ricky.

     "I'm thinking 'oh god help me', got around to the other side of the vehicle and it was happening right there" Ricky says.

  "I'm just praying out loud very out loud, god please help me right now" says Dawn.

   In what was probably the longest 5 minutes of their lives, Ricky and Dawn brought little 8 pound "Jackson Ellis" into the world on the road-side of Highway 31.

    "My husband and myself, we, I don't think anything can top this, we are elated, overjoyed and still in shock" says Dawn.

    Good things come to those who wait, or don't wait, and the Ellis' have a story they'll never get tired of telling.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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