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Thieves Snatching Purses From Cars At Daycares

Their target mom's picking up their children from daycare.
Thieves are snatching purses out of cars while mothers run inside to pick up their kids.
It's happened at daycares across Tyler almost a dozen times over the past few months.
"They broke the glass right here, shattered it on the outside," Audrey Fulton explained..
Audrey is thankful all she's lost is a car window. "That day I had four shopping bags from the mall, my leather jacket, a purse and a pretty good stash of stuff in the front seat."
Thieves attempted to break in to Audrey's car while she went inside Green Acres Daycare to pick up her two little ones.
"It's scary because we're preoccupied with our children and not paying attention and they're just taking advantage of that."
Audrey's lucky. Police say moms across Tyler have been the victims of countless purse snatching. "They're looking for an easy target where the person is going in and they're going to leave all their items in the car," said Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.
Another woman who did not want to be identified spoke to KLTV by phone. Thieves successfully broke in to her car here at the Green Acres daycare on Wednesday. They culprits got away with her drivers license, credit and debit cards, her husbands keys and her families social security cards.
"Just be very aware of what you are leaving in your car and lock it up," advised Officer Martin. "Don't leave it out thinking that just because you locked your car it's safe because its not."
It can happen in only in a matter of seconds. You think you are running in for no less than 60 seconds all it takes a thief is about 10 seconds.
"Even if their car is locked up, we're seeing where they're breaking just as many windows as they are for cars that are unlocked," said Officer Martin.
Tyler police say the best way to avoid being a victim is to lock your valuables in the trunk out of sight, and out of easy reach for thieves.
Police also warn that thieves are now starting to snatch purses from cars at restaurants and the mall. Tyler police say they have narrowed down a list of suspects in the cases.

Maya Golden reporting,
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