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Longview School Board Member Back From Iraq

A Longview school board trustee is back after being called up in army reserves for duty in Iraq. Just back from a one year U-S army deployment from the Persian gulf area, Ted Beard is trying to get back to life as normal. The longtime L.I.S.D. School board trustee comes back from overseas with a different perspective on life.

"You learn to appreciate what you have in the United States versus other countries," says Sergeant Major Beard.

Beard's job for the last year was to evaluate divisional strength at middle east command in Kuwait, determining proper numbers, training of troops and replacements. He often found himself traveling to areas where heavy guerilla activity was going on.

"Every time I was up in Iraq at one location, that one location was always mortared every time I was there, witnessed a car bomb explosion, killed about 8 civilians," says Beard.

Beard feels the free elections that took place in Iraq justify all the hard work the armed forces have done there.

"All of the soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, I think we all reflect on that because history was made," he says.

Now instead of fighting on the front lines, he's looking forward to fighting the battles of school budgets and making the grade. Beard returns to work in Longview on February 7th.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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