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Caldwell Elementary Exemplary For Second Straight Year

One Tyler school continues to go above and beyond the standard.  For the second straight year, Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy was named exemplary by the Texas Education Agency.

"I truly believe it's an expectation, we just expect it," said Principal Rebecca Clapp.  Those expectations at Caldwell Elementary are high and so is the school's success.  "I attribute our success number one to teachers."

Teachers like Kathy Haley who said, "All of the objectives that I'm responsible for teaching.  If I can integrate the arts, that's what I do because it's the glue that makes it stick."

What made Thursday's science lesson about electricity and matter stick, was a classroom game of Jeopardy.  "Because we are an arts magnet," said Haley, "we do a lot of integration with the arts. We find every way we can to sing and dance and draw."

It's unique and creative ways of learning that have helped Caldwell succeed and constant communication between teachers, parents and students.  "We are really working hard to make sure that all of our kids are successful, it's a big honor it's unbelievable. It comes with a lot of hard work absolutely great teachers and a dedicated belief that every kid, every student can succeed."

It's because of that belief, Caldwell has been named one of the best in the state.  Bell Elementary in Tyler was also named an exemplary school. Six other Tyler schools were recognized, and 14 received gold performance acknowledgment or were commended .

Maya Golden reporting,

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