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2/3/05-Smith County

Three Restaurants Have The Most Critical Violations

Williams Chicken at 1102 W. Gentry Pkwy. in Tyler was inspected December 29th.

Chicken was measured at 64F. Should be 41F or below. The product was thrown out. Equipment and utensils were stored in a hand sink.

Then, the health inspector took two pictures documenting violation. The first is of a roach. It can be clearly seen climbing down the wall from an alarm panel near the ceiling. Under the floor there was raw sewage collecting from a broken pipe.

"Whenever a food establishment has a sewer leak that presents and imminent health hazard," says Brenda Elrod, registered sanitarian with the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

On that same picture, she pointed out something else, rodent droppings.

"They may have had a mouse problem in this area. They were unaware of it, though it smelled terrifically, so I'm not sure how that happened," she says.

Numerous rodent droppings were also found in a back room.

Total demerits: 27. The permit to serve food was suspended.

On a recheck the next day, the required Certified Food Manager permit was not posted. But all other problems were corrected.

Total demerits: 3. No further recheck was ordered.

Elrod: "They have made repairs and they are back on track. We'll look at them more often, a little bit closer to make sure they stay on track. They have a new manager and I think everything will work out fine."

The main kitchen at Willowbrook Country Club, 3205 W. Erwin in Tyler was inspected January 4th.

An employee was seen using bare hands to touch food. One was seen rinsing one hand with water then handling cooked bacon. And, also a worker was seen handling dirty dishes, then clean, without washing hands. The inspector noted workers must use sanitizer, gloves, or utensils to handle food. Also, the dish machine not properly sanitizing. Dirty pans were stored on a clean rack.

Total demerits: 25. On a recheck two days later, employees were observed not washing hands prior to putting on gloves. Again, workers were handling dirty dishes, then clean, without washing hands. Also, dishes in a cooler and pans on a rack had food debris on them.

Total demerits: 10. Another recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Bubba's Texas Grill at 10678 FM 346 in Flint was inspected January 6th.

Burgers were at 93-118F. They needed to be 140F or hotter. Brisket in a warmer was at 85F, sausages were at 125F, they should have been reheated to 165F. The product was thrown out.

There was also no working hand sink in the kitchen. And the restaurant's food permit was expired.

Total demerits: 16. On a recheck the next day, briskets were not brought to safe cold storage temperatures quickly enough. And stored meats were not properly dated.

Total demerits: 12.

The permit to serve was allowed to be reissued. No recheck was ordered.

(All information provided by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.)

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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