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Better East Texas: Democrats looking strong ahead of elections

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The Democrats are looking very strong in their campaign for keeping the White House in 2016.

You may be asking how I can make that statement but it is true. Hillary Clinton's campaign is in full swing and, believe it or not, an opponent has emerged in the democratic party. That's right, Senator Bernie Sanders announced he is running against Clinton for the democratic nomination and you almost have to chuckle when you see this taking shape.

Sanders will be nothing more than a sparring partner for Clinton as she tunes up for a Republican challenger. Speaking of the Republicans, no less than 16 candidates have announced they are running and their primary target is not Clinton, but rather whomever the front runner is out of the remaining candidates on the Republican side.

So, the Democrats will sail through the campaign season with Clinton largely unscathed while the Republicans will be chewing each other up with only one candidate to emerge eventually but that candidate will be bruised and cut as they prepare the campaign fight against Clinton. It is great to see so many in the running on the Republican side, but it will work against the success of the party in the general election.

Hopefully, there will be a few more Democrats to enter the race and give Clinton at least a little challenge. The political system works well in our country unless there is such an imbalance between the parties that a campaign truly does deliver pain.

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